About XTP

About XTP Communications

XTP Communications was formed with the objective of providing client-focused professional consulting services to organizations relative to the design, sales, procurement, deployment and delivery of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions. The most significant strength of the organization is the team of XTP professionals who have worked with a diverse array of technology and communication companies including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel and Verizon. The XTP team has the depth and breadth of real-world experience to assist clients to understand their specific needs, identify areas of opportunity and the select the right UCC solution to power communications and collaboration in their organizations.

Effective Deployment and Enthusiastic Adoption of UCC Technology  

Perhaps more importantly, the company works in partnership with technology providers and clients to ensure UCC technologies are effectively deployed and adopted across the enterprise. XTP professionals understand that enthusiastic adoption of UCC technologies by employees across an organization is critical to leveraging the full capability and value of the technology. As a result, the company places a strong emphasis on working with clients to develop strategies and tactics to support employee engagement relative to UCC technologies.

XTP Communications works to provide professional services to a wide range of clients from diverse industries including:

+ Manufacturing Companies + Service Companies 
+ Consumer Products Companies          + Distribution/Wholesalers 
+ Educational Institutions  + State/Provincial Governments 
+ Federal Government Agencies  + County/Local Governments 
+ Health Care Organizations  + Professional Services Firms 


XTP Communications services and capabilities span a wide array of industries. In fact, virtually any enterprise or organization can substantially benefit from the deployment and integration of the right UCC technologies.

The company couples the powerful combination of the experience and expertise of the XTP team with a proven process that delivers successful UCC outcomes for clients. The process involves Engagement,
Inspection, Analysis, Insight and Guidance. The result is more effective deployment and integration of UCC technologies, increased service levels, preservation and extension of previous resources, greater return on investment, reduced time-to-value and decreased costs.

XTP Communications, LLC is a Texas based company focused on providing exceptional service and results for clients. The company works to deliver the sophisticated UCC technologies of the world’s leading technology companies to organizations and entities across North America. XTP Communication is about delivering the right UCC solutions for companies backed by exceptional service.