Business Innovation

Business Innovation through Unified Communications and Collaboration

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technology is a rapidly evolving technology that is less than ten years old. Today, it is being adopted by more and more firms across the nation and around the world. In fact, UCC technology is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 15.7% through 2018 (source: Transparency Market Research). As companies continue to adopt and implement the ability to communicate and collaborate within their organizations, with clients and vendors, UCC delivers the promise of improved efficiency, enhanced customer service and increased competitiveness. In a business environment where flexibility, speed and the ability to quickly bring people together to coalesce around challenges and opportunities is critical to success, UCC technology can prove to be transformational for organizations.

In support of that transformation, XTP Communications offers clients not only robust design capabilities and exceptional technology knowledge, but also strong project management expertise to ensure that technology and business initiatives are aligned to achieve expected outcomes. XTP guides clients through the IT practicality, planning and integration of multi-vendor real time applications to align IT investment, both current and future, to quantifiable business results.

The deployment and adoption of Unified Communications and Integrated Collaboration applications represent the evolution from store-and-forward to real time, business critical workloads to support business efficiency and innovation. These real-time applications impact across the entire spectrum of line-of-business needs to restrain costs, while simultaneously increasing both internal and external service levels. Driving accelerated time-to-value, competitive displacement, high tech/high touch customer engagements, these applications have evolved from IT proof-of-concepts to enabling business transformation.