Working with and in support of leading UCC technology companies, XTP Communications provides a range of sophisticated consultative services designed to create successful outcomes for both technology providers and their clients. XTP Communications serves as an intermediary to assist in matching the appropriate UCC technologies and ancillary support to the specific needs of the client. By leveraging the exceptional experience and expertise of XTP Communication professionals and the company’s proven process of engagement, inspection, analysis, insight and guidance, XTP Communications is able to assist technology partners translate the great potential of UCC technologies to real-world success for clients. For XTP Communications technology partners, we act as a force multiplier to augment and support the efforts of sales teams, systems engineers and others to understand the specific needs, challenges and opportunities associated with each client. The ultimate outcome for the client is the right deployment of UCC technologies that will increase business productivity, reduce costs and encourage enthusiastic utilization by employees. Ultimately, XTP Communications is about creating win-win outcomes for UCC technology partners and their clients.

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Business Innovation through Unified Communications and Collaboration

Unified Communications and Collaboration Sales Enablement and Engagement

Engineering and Architecture Design for Unified Communications and Collaboration

Application Awareness in Unified Communications and Collaboration

Business and Technology Process Optimization