Wayne Baines, Consultant Principal - Sales Engagement and Collaboration Services

Wa​yne Baines leads XTP Communications' sales and collaboration services practice. Working with providers, he leads the effort to assess sales opportunities and to develop a strategy to achieve expected sales results. From a client perspective, Wayne and his team work closely to optimize software licenses and to negotiate license agreements with key suppliers, including Microsoft and Cisco. Wayne has over 25 years experience with IBM, HP, Nortel, and Microsoft, primarily in senior sales management.

Dean Bedwell, Licensing Executive - Software License Practice

Dean Bedwell leads the Software License Practice for XTP Communications. With over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business solutions, he works closely with companies to understand and increase the value they derive from their software licensing agreements. Dean is a proven business leader with demonstrated record of achievement both in senior sales leadership and general management roles.  His more than 25 years’ of experience in the IT licensing space includes business leader roles at OnX Enterprise Solutions and Microsoft. 

Jason Jarbo, Chief Architect - Technology and Architecture Design

Jason Jarbo has overall responsibility for leading the technology and architecture design efforts of XTP Communications. With more than twenty years in software development and system design, he leads a team that works closely with clients to assess customer environments and determine the optimal design to achieve customer objectives. Jason is also responsible for directing the development and delivery of training. He has experience working with a number of providers, including IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, among others, and is one of the preeminent UC architects in the world.